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Electric Automatic Nail Clipper

Electric Automatic Nail Clipper

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Never experienced such a convenient and efficient nail clipper!

Experience the future of nail care with our Electric Automatic Nail Clipper. This innovative device is designed to make nail grooming a breeze. Say goodbye to traditional clippers and hello to effortless, precise nail care.


NAIL TRIMMING AND POLISHING IN ONE GO - Say goodbye to the hassle of manual nail trimming. Our Electric Nail Clipper features an alloy blade that seamlessly combines nail trimming and polishing in one go. Achieve smooth and round nails effortlessly, enhancing your overall nail care routine.

ONE-TOUCH OPERATION WITH SAFETY PROTECTION - Enjoy the convenience of one-click operation. Simply touch to rotate the clipper and release to stop. This not only makes it incredibly easy to use but also ensures safety. Equipped with advanced safety protection technology, the device automatically stops rotating when it detects proximity to the skin, preventing accidents and discomfort.

ULTRA-QUIET - Groom your nails quietly and without disruption. Our Electric Nail Clipper boasts an ultra-quiet design with noise levels less than 45dB. This means you can use it even while your child is sleeping, ensuring a peaceful environment at all times.

BACK NAIL DEBRIS STORAGE DESIGN - The clipper is designed with a smart back storage feature that prevents nail debris from splashing around during use. Keep your grooming area tidy and mess-free, making cleanup a breeze.

LONG BATTERY LIFE WITH TYPE-C CHARGING - Our Electric Nail Clipper offers exceptional battery life. With a single charge, it can work continuously for up to 3 hours. Plus, it can be used more than 30 times on a single charge. The Type-C charging port ensures convenient and efficient charging, making it ready for use whenever you need it.


Color: White

Material: Stainless steel

Size: 64 * 64 * 32mm

Rated input: 5V-0.4A

Weight: 90g

Charging interface: Type-C

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Electric Automatic Nail Clipper
45,99 kr